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Norwood Talent Agency Corp.
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Represents Voiceover Artists, Commercial Actors, Film & TV Actors. Ages 2-64


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NTAC is a full service talent agency (TV/film, commercials, print & voiceover)
Introduce and develop Hollywood's newest faces to industry professionals.
Company Overview
Take three powerhouse industry professionals (Sonja Norwood, Willie Norwood & Rayva Harrell) who have made superstars and worked with some of the most potent talents in the business, combine them in an organization designed to mine the field of dreams and discover overlooked diamonds and you have Norwood Talent Agency Corporation (NTAC).
NTAC represents serious, motivated, focused and skilled actors who possess the courage and commitment to excellence in a crowded and competitive industry. NTAC represents actors across the board in the entertainment genres of television/film, commercials, print and voiceover.

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