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Innovative Artists
Top Info:

Innovative Artists has developed one of the most uniquely distinguished brands in the entertainment business, representing a wide variety of actors ranging from award-winning talent to some of the most competitive rising artists in the industry. With innumerable Oscar, Emmy, and Tony awards and nominations to their actors' credit, Innovative Artists has built a reputation for maintaining the continued prosperity of its high profile clients throughout every facet of the business.


Industry referral only. No calls, No drop-offs.

Affiliations: ATA, EQUITY, SAG-AFTRA. Represents Ages: 2-64.

Contact Info:
235 Park Avenue South, 10th Fl. New York, NY 10003
1617 Broadway, 3rd Floor Santa Monica, CA 90404
Detailed Information:

In 1982, founders Scott Harris and Howard Goldberg formed an independent agency, which they conceived as a talent boutique that unequivocally concentrated on each individual client. The immediate success of the company, which came to be known as Harris & Goldberg, inspired the addition of the literary and production departments, and with the expansion of a New York office in 1992, the agency was re-branded Innovative Artists Talent and Literary Agency, Inc.

Scott Harris became President in 1993 and continued the company's growth over the years by branching into the areas of voiceover, commercials, beauty, branding and licensing, comedy and hosting, always affirming the company's initial vision of aggressive service from highly experienced agents in an intimate setting.

For over 25 years, Innovative Artists has gained a singular reputation for superior service, by closely adhering to the company's original goals of promoting the clients first and foremost. At the core of Innovative Artists' model, is the strong relationship between agents and clients and a mandate on cross-departmental collaboration.

In 2007, Harris formed an executive committee to oversee the growing company and to ensure that the agency's goals remained steadfast in the ever-changing entertainment environment.

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