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Hanns Wolters International, Inc.
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The medium sized talent agency specializes in casting of American and Foreign talent and off-beat types for motion pictures, television and commercials, and has a voice-over department attached, specializing in all foreign languages. The Agency also represents writers, producers and directors, as well as corporations.

Hanns Wolters Agency was founded by Hanns Wolters and his wife Mitzi Bera in 1962 and is celebrating its 47th anniversary. After the passing of the founders, the agency was handed to Oliver Mahrdt.

The Agency is bonded and licensed by the City of New York and is franchised by SAG and EQUITY. Since 2001, Oliver Mahrdt proudly represents German Films as its North America -Representative / USA and Canada.

Contact Info:
353 West 48th St., #312 New York, NY 10036
Detailed Information:

With legendary class and integrity, Hanns Wolters represented gifted people in theatre, film and television for over sixty years. Sadly, Hanns Wolters passed away in 2000, but he left the agency that bares his name in the capable hands of Oliver Mahrdt who has continued the tradition of representing the finest artists in the entertainment industry.

At Hanns Wolters International we are committed to partnering with our clients for a lifetime of exemplary work. Since 1962 we continue to represent and promote clients, discovering international opportunities, submitting work to producer contacts, negotiating contracts and licenses, seeking out new markets and audiences for each of our clients work, and to offer experienced counsel to each client in regard to their individual career choices. We continue to develop and encourage new work and new talent.

Actors / Actresses: Hanns Wolters Agency was primarily known as a Foreign talent agency that specialized in commercial, films and variety acts in the 60s and 70s. Over the ensuing years the agency slowly built up a solid department for New York character actors and assorted other types and can best be summed up as a very eclectic boutique agency. The agency now has actors in series television, on Broadway, at many of the best regional theaters in the country, while continuing to find work for its foreign actors in starring roles across the pond. We do NOT represent models and children.

Screenplay Writers: We are particularly looking for action scripts, thrillers, horror, gay themed scripts and romantic comedies. All scripts must be registered with the copyright-office in Washington DC and the Writers Guild of America. We do not accept unsolicited material! Please email us your SHORT synopsis. If we are interested, we will contact you.

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