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Frontier Booking International, Inc.
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Frontier Booking International is one of New York's leading talent agencies, representing a variety of successful performers from actors and models to singers, designers, and voice-over artists.


Although there are no set requirements, we look for people with a unique and interesting look and personality as well a some acting ability and experience. It is important that performers are able to conduct themselves professionally through a cold-reading and interview. If you would like to submit your headshot and resume for our consideration, please mail to office. We will contact you if we are interested in scheduling an interview. No voiceover demos accepted. DO NOT COLD-CALL OUR OFFICE!

Affiliations:EQUITY, SAG-AFTRA. Represents Ages: 3-30,

Contact Info:
1560 Broadway, Ste. 512 New York, NY 10036
Detailed Information:

Frontier Booking International found its beginnings as an agency in the music industry over 30 years ago. Until his passing, founder Ian Copeland managed a vast roster of musical talent including such names as Sting, Snoop Dogg, Modern English, Jane's Addiction and R.E.M. The ever-growing talent division of FBI specializes in performers of all ethnicities, ranging from children and teens to adults. Their clients have been recognized in various mediums of entertainment (especially film, television and theatre).

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