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Erica Palgon
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Casting Director for all types of film, commercials (on-camera casting and voice over casting), and theater, Union and Non Union and real people casting. Specialties: Strong background in all areas of casting. Specializes in comedy/improv and often referred for challenging casting searches.


Erica Palgon, , Owner/Casting Director, CSA
Union and nonunion; Accepts Headshot/Resume/Demo Reel by email only; Accepts invitations; No calls; No drop-offs.

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Over her 20 year career Erica has become an exceptional casting director having worked and learned from commercial and film directors John Cameron Mitchell, Tom DiCillo, Jesse Peretz, Matt Aselton, Phil Morrison, Jeff Preiss, David Gordon Green, Pam Thomas, Kinka Usher, Frank Samuel, Dewey Nicks, Mark Pellington, Mark Tiedemann, Fredrik Bond, Stacy Wall, Morgan J Freeman. This combined with the many casting directors she has worked with (most notably Susan Shopmaker, Jerry Beaver, Liz Lewis and Judy Henderson) have allowed her to develop her own natural techniques in directing, inventive casting ideas and teaching methods.
Erica’s reputation and skills also caught the attention of renowned ad agency Grey Advertising, whose casting department hires her regularly to prep and cast for their top clients, over the past 3 years. Jobs include Pringles, Febreze, Olive Garden, TJ Maxx, Abreva, Advil, Panadol, Ad Council, Radio Shack and Breath Right.

Her passion for comedy took her one step further into the trenches of improv. In 2011, she graduated from Level 1 and 2 Improv at The PIT (The People’s Improv Theater). She is also excited to have a new podcast through her company Erica Palgon Casting & Beyond on Itunes and share her tweets with her followers on Twitter!

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