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Colleen Cler Talent Agency
Top Info:

The Colleen Cler Agency is a leading LA based talent agency which exclusively represents and manages print and commercial talent in Southern California. CCA has a reputation for offering exceptional representation of its unique roster of talented models and actors. Over the last 30 years, CCA has prided itself in offering the highest caliber talent in print and commercial media.


Headshot/resume by mail or email. Interviews by appointment only. No calls. No drop-offs.
Colleen Cler, Owner/Agent
There is also an online submission form on website.

Contact Info:
1 818 841 7943
178 S. Victory Blvd. #108, Burbank, CA 91502.
Detailed Information:

At CCA, we value people’s passions, interests, and needs. We believe that all talent have unique needs as well as abilities to offer. CCA legnedary experience gained through years of being in the industry provide us with comprehensive understanding of how to best connect talent with the appropriate jobs.
CCA’s success has built upon one principle, enduring relationships. Strong connections with both clients and talent give us a fundamental understanding on how best to suit everyone’s needs. Our relationships with our talent and production / casting companies which we deal with regularly, are founded on values which make any relationship succeed: honesty, trust, understanding, inspiration, commitment, and communication.
Our commitment to talent and clients drives us to be available to deliver premium management advices and provides us with a unique roster of unique talent. CCA offers hands on management advice for each of its talent ensuring that pictures and profiles will be up to date and relevant. We communicate effectively eliminating error from the casting process.

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