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Circle Talent Associates
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REPRESENTS:Commercial Actors, Film & TV Actors
Represents Ages: 2+
For nearly twenty-five years, Circle Talent has been representing actors and actresses for Television, Film, Commercials and Print. Jennifer Garland hand selects each and every talent on the Circle Talent roster. She enjoys personally working with each actor, emphasizing their professional partnership in collaboration with her and her team.


Headshot/resume by email only. Interviews by appointment only. No calls. No drop-offs.
There is also an online submission form.

Contact Info:
520 Broadway, Suite 350 Santa Monica, CA 90401
Detailed Information:

Donna Lee initially began the agency in 1989, specializing in literary and theatrical representation for writers and actors. Donna brought in her daughter, Jennifer, to develop the commercial department. They worked side-by-side for over ten years, defining the agency as a well developed, boutique agency.

Circle Talent’s easy-to-work-with attitude has built strong, working relationships with Los Angeles’ finest casting offices. Circle Talent consistently negotiates bookings for national-network commercials, roles on award winning television series, and roles for films ranging from independent features to studio blockbusters.

Circle Talent is ATA (Association of Talent Agents) franchised, state licensed and bonded.

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