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Brandy Gold
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Agent at "Talentworks" – Brandy began working in show business literally from birth. She was born into a show business family. Being the middle daughter of five girls, she immediately followed in her older sisters footsteps and began acting at the age of one. Brandy proceeded to do numerous commercials, pilots, a few series, as well as some feature films.

When she was twelve, Brandy decided to quit acting to continue her education and follow her dream to work along side of her father as a talent agent. She attended Lewis and Clark College in Portland Oregon where she majored in theatre and minored in business.
During the summers she interned at the agency in various different departments. As soon as she graduated, Brandy began working as an assistant to her father Harry Gold.

Within a few years Brandy was promoted to being an agent in the commercial department. Two years later she was offered a position as an agent in the youth department where she would aide in discovering and developing young talent. She remained in this department for close to nine years where she succeeded in molding the careers of many young actors and actresses.

Two years ago she decided to venture into a new area of the business as an adult agent. She now works with young adults and adults along side of the five other agents at TalentWorks including her father. Brandy prides herself on really getting to know and understand her clients. She uses her experiences that she had as an actress to understand the inner workings of the industry. She loves every aspect of show business, from discovering talent, to submitting and pitching, to making a deal to finally watching the client’s performance.

Brandy is now adding a new element to her career, working with her father in the development world. She looks forward to growing and changing with the business, and is eager to see what the future holds.


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