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Aaron Jacobs Casting
Top Info:

Why hire a Casting Director (especially us)?

Why do you like the corner specialty butcher? How about small batch hand crafted bourbon? Shoes from a 3rd generation Italian cobbler?

Quality counts doesn't it?

Our relationships with talent agencies throughout the Pacific Northwest allow us to negotiate a great rate for you and your client's budget. Your project becomes our project. Our goal is to connect you with the exact cast that will breathe life into your script, and blow your clients away. Nothing less will do. Times are changing. Whether you are shooting under a union or non-union contract, you need an experienced peer in your corner that can negotiate multi-tiered contracts with an eye toward multiple distribution channels.

We offer the Full Monte.

Services include principal casting of on-camera and voice-over talent for film, television, the inter-webs, radio, print, national searches, and everything in between. Humans only.

Our cutting-edge casting solution allows our clients to review auditions online within minutes of taping. 24-hour access to a customized and encrypted web-based portal allows you or your client to review candidates at your convenience (Mac or PC). We can also deliver the candidates to you by DVD, or even as a podcast! Making selections and posting feedback is crazy-easy and communicated to us instantaneously. Welcome to the future of casting. Seriously, the only way this could get any better would be if we included a complimentary jetpack? (note to self).


Accepts headshot/resume by email as PDF to from WA and OR residents only. Indicate union status in the subject line. No calls. No drop offs.

Extras, visit for submission instructions.

Contact Info:
Aaron Jacobs Casting, OMH Creative, 700 Court A, Tacoma, WA 98402
Detailed Information:

With over 17 years of experience in the entertainment industry, Aaron Jacobs began as a professional actor at the age of 17, working in feature films and TV before being hand picked as one of the 12 members of the first Postgraduate class of the Acting Program at LIPA. He also spent time training at the famed Moscow Art School in Russia (ask him about the many creative ways to eat cabbage and tips on avoiding machine-gun toting mafia members some time).

Upon returning to the States, he switched hats and trained in the fertile IT field of Washington, subsequently becoming a Consultant and Project Manager in Marketing and Client Relations for 5 years with Microsoft. During this time he co-founded Reel Extras, which exploded into the largest background-casting service in America outside of LA and NY. Soon clients started asking him to cast their principal roles, and wellâ?¦he hates to disappoint a client.

Aaron's background in acting and the world of high tech allows him to see what you need and understand how to get you there quickly. Aaron finds it thrilling to introduce clients to the amazing talent pool in the Northwest. His rapport with actors is unparalleled, and he is known for hosting a warm room, guiding actors to present their best performances, giving his clients the best choices available for their production.

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