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Future Updates

Hi all!

Thanks for using the CDL! We hope it’s helping you with your career. This is just a little list we’ll keep of future items we need to do on our roadmap of improving the CDL:


Alphabetical Order – NOW FIXED!

Yes, it’s a bug in the system that items are not staying alphabetized as you page through them. This sucks and we’ll fix it in the next few weeks!


Condensed “Quick” List

We plan on adding another way to look at the list that is smaller, so you can thumb through them either with all the info (as now) or just the titles, faster.

More ways to search

We are looking at what people want in search. For example, some have requested a way to separate NY vs LA.  We’re open to your feedback and will make adjustments! Email us with any notes you have!

More More More people added to the list!

Not every person that works at every company is on this list. We were more focused on getting the companies on right away.  But we’ll be adding and correcting as time goes on…. meanwhile, IF YOU SEE SOMETHING, SAY SOMETHING!  Email us with any notes and we’ll get items added/changed!

More Interviews & Tutorials!

This is only the beginning folks!  As you thumb through the list, you ‘ll see interviews with the CD’s, Agents, Managers, such as this one.  We’ll be having MULTIPLE videos on the people pages, plus we are currently shooting MORE INTERVIEWS!  Plus in the TUTORIAL SECTION, we’ll be adding articles about how to best get yourself out the and noticed!



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