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Terry Berland Casting
Top Info:

Casting Credits: iPod Nano, Ford, Chrysler/Golden Globes Promo, NY Life, Hyundai, Doritos, Lincoln, CA Lottery, Anderson Windows, Parenthood/Clorox, Sunsweet, Health Net, Crest, Project Runway, Pediasure, Sunny D, Special K, Oust, Mazda, Six Flags, Sony, Gillette, Pepsi, New York Stock Exchange, Verizon, Caress Soap, Gain Detergent, Pepcid AC, Burger King, Ruffles, Harrah's, Hewlet Packard, Trident, Dodge, Honda, Rotory Club/Worldwide Polio Fund, Ford, Panasonic, Dirt Devil, Dunkin' Donuts, Visa, Del Taco, Time Warner, Discover Card, Directtv, Disney Theme Park, Drug Free America, Suzuki, Nortel, Michelob, Jeopardy Game Show and Vaseline Intensive Care


Accepts headshot/resume by mail. No calls. No drop-offs.

Contact Info:
310-775-6608 / 310-275-0601
2329 Purdue Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90064
Detailed Information:

Casting Director: Terry Berland

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