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Orpheus Group Casting
Orpheus Group Casting
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Ellyn Long Marshall and Maria E. Nelson, the founding partners of Orpheus Group Casting, receive the Riant Theatre’s Pioneer of the Arts Award in recognition of their 27 years of uncompromising dedication to the arts of film, theater, and television. Among the critically acclaimed films enriched by their expertise are Girlfight (2000), Real Women Have Curves (2002), Maria Full of Grace (2004), and Amreeka (2009). The pair have also worked with respected theater companies such as INTAR, on Broadway, and at Lincoln Center.


Accepts headshot/resume by mail or email. No calls. No drop-offs.

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630 Ninth Ave., Ste. 411 New York, NY 10036
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Owner/Casting Director: Maria E. Nelson and Ellyn Long Marshall (Director/Audition Coach)

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