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On Location Casting
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Casting Credits: Film: Revolution, Nashville, Big Rich Texas, The Bridge, All Worked Up, In Plain Sight, Friday Night Lights, We're the Millers, 2 Guns, Lemonade Mouth, Crazy Heart, Titanic, Pearl Harbor, Three Kings, Enemy Way, The Host, Fame, Gridiron Gang, Commercial: Nike, Skoal, Pepsi, AT&T/Nokia, New Mexico Tourism, Lexus and Chevy/CMA Awards


Union and nonunion. Online registration via website.

Contact Info:
(800) 241-0076
1223 Wilshire Blvd., Ste. 409 Santa Monica, CA 90403
Detailed Information:

Casting Director: Tina Kerr, Casting Associate: Karin Aragon, Casting Assistants: Alexa Hinds, Scott Blasko, and Joyce Blasko, Casting Administrator: Kathleen Kendrick
Casts primarily background for film and TV.

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