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Leslie Brown Casting
Top Info:

Leslie Brown is an independent Casting Director who helps independent directors and producers find amazing undiscovered talent
for their films, tv projects and commercials. She works globally on international projects, and is passionate about meaningful projects with multi-ethnic casts.


Filmmakers/Producers: I'm happy to make connections and even if I'm busy, I will find the time to consider helping you on your project, or point you in the right direction. I'm most passionate about projects that are "meaningful", which is reflected in the type of work I've done.

Actors/Talent: Best place to find me actively engaging in conversations with you would be on LinkedIn. I don't offer classes, but I will do private consultation. I have a great community of followers there who ask me lots of good questions (for free). And the answers I post seem to be helpful to many.

TIP: Also, I don't do voice-over casting, but I do, do lots of kids casting.
TIP2: I do NOT do financing. (For some reason I get asked about this a lot, so now I put it in my bio.)

Contact Info:
(323) 250-3983
Detailed Information:

Leslie Brown is an independent Casting Director with a specialty in helping independent directors and producers find amazing undiscovered talent
for their films, tv projects and commercials.

Beginning with the international award winning short film UNITED (as a producer at that time), she found that she really enjoyed the casting process much more, and made a pivot. Credits include: Nomad, Iago, Good Kidd, and Struck, as well as the TV Series Kittens in a Cage. She has cast over 50 Public Service Announcements (PSA’s) for non-profit organizations, dozens of product testimonial commercials as well as multiple short films and a handful of feature films.

She has done extensive travel to more than 20 countries, for documentary work and Video Journalism. With a global perspective, she takes pride in finding “real” people for meaningful projects.” Leslie will usually take on at least one non-profit project per year to help give back to the theatre community. Recently completed a web production of ROMEO & JULIET with Inner City Shakespeare Ensemble.

Her most recent project, the international film NOMAD, is currently in post-production, slated for a theatrical release at the end of 2021.

Production and Other Skills: Experience in Pre-Production, Story Consulting, Production Coordinator, Photography, and some editing.
Knowledge and experience using top national and international talent databases. MS Office Suite, Word 60wpm, Excel, PowerPoint, InDesign, research, public relations, organizational.. Languages: Some French, Spanish. Also familiar with some editing software.

Additional Specialties: Film/Video Production Coordinator, Photography, Travel.

FAVORITE FILMS: I have a few.
"Ever After" with Drew Barrymore and Anjelica Huston, because I looovvve a Cinderella Story.
"Aliens" because Sigourney Weaver kicks a$$
"Terms of Endearment" because Jack Nicholson plays the kind of character an older woman can't resist (I guess "Something's Gotta Give" also fits)
"Blade Runner" because it makes me believe that AI could get that realistic and...
"Kill Bill Vol2" because Quentin Tarantino knows how to direct women, so you're not thinking the whole time that you're watching a chick-flick
"Fifth Element" because it would have been so fun to cast

QUOTE: "No matter where you go, there you are. Make sure that's where you want to be."

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