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Jen Rudin Casting, LLC
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Jen Rudin is an award-winning New York based Casting Director and audition coach, and author of the book Confessions of a Casting Director. She owns and operates Jen Rudin Casting which casts for film, television, animation and theater. She has a background in discovering new talent for television, animated feature films and series, musicals, live action feature films,
theater, commercials and video games.


Email submissions by project only.

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119 W. 72 St., #397 New York, NY 10023
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Casting Direcrtors: Jen Rudin and Bess Fifer
Jen Rudin grew up in New York City and began her professional acting career at age eight. She created many new roles in new plays, starred in several television movies, and did commercials. At age twelve, she had her first epiphany at a final callback that she wanted to be a Casting Director – a perfect blend of her photographic memory and love of actors. Her casting philosophy combines the challenge of solving the casting puzzle – who is best for the role? – while creating an honest, positive and comfortable audition environment, in what is often the most stressful of situations.

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