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Ellen Chenoweth
Ellen Chenoweth Casting
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Ellen Chenoweth was first bitten by the casting bug in the mid-1970s when she took an office job at the Actors Studio. "I was a young girl exploring possibilities in New York," she says. "Lee Strasberg, Elia Kazan, and Arthur Penn were all there. I was putting together casts for Studio projects and people started calling me from outside for recommendations."
Having since served as casting consigliere to Clint Eastwood, Barry Levinson, and the Coen brothers, Chenoweth remarks that her New York residence keeps her in touch with many stage actors. For Changeling, she auditioned several on tape and sent the footage to Eastwood.
In addition to casting, Chenoweth occasionally has a hand in selecting music for movies. "I have done it a few times, such as on Wag the Dog, and I love it."


Ellen Chenoweth, Owner and Susanne Scheel, Casting Associate

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161 6th Ave., 11th Fl. New York, NY 10013
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