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Disrupt The Game
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Disrupt The Game is A Different Kind of Agency.
We work with our clients to find and actualize competitive advantages through a combination of innovation and invention.
We are PROACTIVE in our approach to help build our clients into multiplatform brands. We are all about MAKING THINGS HAPPEN. We DELIVER for our clients.
- WNBA and Overseas Contract Negotiations
- On-Screen Opportunities
- Marketing & Endorsement Deals
- Speaking Engagements
- Public Relations
- Social Media Strategy


Speakers & Lecturers, Sports Personalities, Voiceover Artists, Film & TV Actors
Ages: 21-70
WNBA and overseas contract negotiations, on-screen opportunities, marketing and endorsement deals, speaking engagements, public relations, and social media strategy

Contact Info:
332 S. Peck Dr. Beverly Hills, CA 90212
Detailed Information:

Allison Galer may not be a name you’re familiar with (yet) but her clients have her on speed dial. Because she keeps a tight portfolio of exclusive athletes and talent, she’s known more for her unparalleled 360 branding than being the middleman the industry is used to.

Galer got an early start in the business growing up around her uncle Lon Rosen, Magic Johnson’s longtime agent. Working in basketball operations for the Los Angeles Sparks, Allison picked up the business of the WNBA from the inside out. After graduating from Brown—and spending a year playing for their basketball team, she was recruited by RaptorAccelerator a sports and media investment fund and business development company.

Allison’s worked in television production at Fox Sports Net and in talent marketing at Lagardere Unlimited, perfectly positioning her to understand the complete picture of marketing today’s most elite athletes. In early 2012 she left the corporate sports world behind to pursue her passion and Disrupt The Game was launched.

Galer is a negotiating shark with an eye for sustainability. While WNBA player Jacki Gemelos was recovering from her 5th ACL tear, her bad luck shifted when Galer found her off-the-court opportunities to guide top college athletes through their own injuries. And that’s the heart of Galer’s firm—broad, strong branding that extends well beyond closing contracts and signing endorsements (although, there’s plenty of that too). And with a client roster that’s topped with names like four-time Olympic Gold Medalist Lisa Leslie, who would expect any less? The best kept secret in talent representation, Galer is laser focused on finding and developing WNBA athletes and talent alike. Allison Galer is an agent certified by the Women’s National Basketball Players Association (WNBA).

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