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Big House Casting
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Casting Credits: Commercials: Sunny D, Lowe's, Scotts, Honda, IBM, Sprint, McDonald's, Chase, Wachovia, Best Buy, JC Penney,Tropicana, Sears; Film: The Cardboard Camera, Snell, Another Chance, Next to Nothing, Beaten, and After the Phoenix


Accepts headshot/resume by mail or email. For voiceover, mail or email MP3 sample. No calls. No drop-offs.

Contact Info:
4055 Lankershim Blvd., Ste. 401 Studio City, CA 91604
Detailed Information:

Casting Director/Producer: Kate McClanaghan, Casting Director/Head of Production: Jeff Finney, Tech and Recording Engineers: Chin Yi and Travis Dunsmuir

Also offers post audio production, sweetening, and ADR services. Chicago studio: 410 S. Michigan Ave., Fine Arts Bldg., Studio 434, Chicago IL 60605, phone: 773-772-9539

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