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American Artists
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315 S. Beverly Dr., Ste. 407 Beverly Hills, CA 90212
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American Artists was established in 1996 as an Exclusive Music Booking Agency. Covering the gamut of music genres, venues, and events, we understand the importance of a finely tuned tour. We are dedicated to giving our Acts 100% of our attention and aim to maximize their time spent on the road to ensure a successful and efficient tour.

American Artists and its agents take pride in making sure that Promoters concerns are addressed and treated fairly and professionally. Working hand in hand with Promoters, we help make the most of every event by ensuring all promotional needs are met, being available to solve problems, and giving professional advice to help create successful events; whether it is a public, private, fair, festival or casino engagement.

As American Artists nears its 17th anniversary, the company is committed to improving its already excellent reputation for furthering and servicing the careers of its current and future clients.

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