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ABEL Intermedia/Barbara Barna Casting
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ABEL intermedia is a talent and content development company specializing in casting for television, new media and branded entertainment, on-camera coaching, media training, personal branding, talent strategies, and management.

Originally launched in 2001 as Barbara Barna Casting, we rebranded in 2012 as ABEL intermedia to reflect our growth in talent and content development, private coaching, and group classes.


Union and nonunion; Headshot/Resume/Demo Reel by mail or email; Accepts postcards and invitations; No calls; No drop-offs.
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Barbara Barna Abel has a reputation for recognizing new and emerging talent and has cast more than 100 unscripted/alternative projects since launching her company in 2001, finding Adam Richman, Bert Kreischer, Carson Kressley, Clinton Kelly, Ted Allen, Thom Felicia, and many others along the way. As a personal coach and corporate trainer, Barbara believes everyone has a story to tell and is committed to helping people find their authentic voice. Her clients include television networks, PR firms, celebrity chefs, models, athletes, business executives, and young creatives.

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