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AAA Voice Casting
Top Info:

Casts for voice talent only. Particularly interested in foreign-language voiceover/narrator talent. They don't have a dedicated website, AAA is also VoiceOvers Unlimited which is a school/training for voiceover artists. It's a family run business with Dan, Jen, and Carole Murray Duckworth running the shop.


Accepts Union and Non-Union Talent and accepts Demos by both Mail and email. To be entered in active casting files, call to arrange an appointment for interview. No drop-offs.

Contact Info:
917-363-9877 / 917-363-3130
630 9th Ave. Suite 415, NY, NY 10036
Detailed Information:

PERSONNEL: Carole Murray Duckworth, Casting Director, Dan Duckworth, Casting Director, Jen Duckworth, Casting Director.

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